We offer choices in cremation service, including:

  • direct cremation with no services
  • cremation followed by a memorial service or visitation time
  • a complete viewing and funeral followed by cremation

We want to help your family choose services that fit your needs. We will walk you through your options without pressuring you, and we will help you to compare the costs of different options.  Regardless of your choice, we will treat your loved one with respect, we will help you write and place obituaries, we will obtain death certificates promptly, and help you chose the final resting place for your loved one's ashes.  We will not try to sell you services or merchandise you do not need.


Standard Cremation Package

Cremation with Public Viewing & Funeral

Cremation Packages - Price list


If you wish to purchase an urn, we have a wide variety of urns in many different styles, including wood, metal, marble, and biodegradable.  The pictures below are a sample of the urns we keep in stock. We offer keepsake urns and jewelry to hold a portion of the ashes.  We also offer pet cremation urns. Due to supply chain issues, urns in photographs may or may not be currently available.