Although some funeral homes sell flowers, we feel that you will get better service at a lower cost by going to a local florist.  We have had good experience with all four florists listed below.  

Heim Gardens
1445 S. Main St.
Chelsea, MI, US, 48118
Phone: (734) 475-2585
Heim Gardens website

Maureen's Designs (formerly GiGi's Flowers)
103 N. Main St,
Chelsea, MI 48118
Phone: (734) 475-3040
GiGi's Website


Chelsea Village Flowers
112 E. Middle St
Chelsea, MI 48118
Phone: (734) 433-1416
Chelsea Village Flower's Website


Chelsea Greenhouse
163 Cavanaugh Lake Road
Chelsea, MI 48118
Phone: (734) 475-1353