A funeral is the traditional way to recognize the death of a loved one. The many customs and traditions that have been accepted for so long exist for a reason. Funerals have been a means of expressing our beliefs, thoughts and feelings about the death of someone we love. 

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The funeral ceremony is important because it:

  • helps us acknowledge that someone we love has died and allows us to say goodbye in a safe environment
  • provides an opportunity for friends and family to support one another
  • allows us to share memories and consider what that person has meant to us
  • allows us to reflect on the meaning of life and death
  • offers hope for the living

 We believe in the value of a traditional funeral, but each funeral should be unique, because it celebrates the life and beliefs of a unique person.  At Cole Funeral Chapel, we want to celebrate a special life with:

  • Slideshows, picture boards, and display tables that bring back memories
  • Opportunities to share stories at visitations, during the ceremonies, and in writing
  • Special music that reflects the style and beliefs of the deceased
  • Readings and printed material that help the survivors
  • Recording the service so that the stories and words of comfort can be revisited when needed.
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We understand how difficult it is to plan funeral services, so our staff is available to help you in any way that we can.  Please call us and we will walk you through every step of planning.  We take care of the details, so you can focus on grieving, remembering, being together, and healing.  For most funerals, we will:

  • Care for the deceased with respect, and prepare them for viewing and burial
  • Meet with the survivors to offer choices to  make the services just right for each family
  • Gather information for writing obituaries, filling in the death certificate, and organizing the services you want
  • Provide survivors with an estimated cost so there are no unpleasant surprises
  • Coordinate with clergy, the cemetery, florists, newspapers, veterans groups, and others
  • Pay third-party costs (cemetery fees, obituaries, etc) for your convenience with no markup
  • Complete all legal paperwork (Death Certificates, Social Security notification, etc) promptly and accurately

Our primary concern is for the needs of your family.  We will meet with your family to determine what is right for you, and make the necessary arrangements.

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