Age 40, a musician, artist and Jehovah's Witnesses of Chelsea Michigan passed away June 24th 2020 in Saline Michigan. He was preceded in death by his mother Nevatte Willis of Chelsea Michigan. He is survived by his father Greg Willis, his son Jaydon Willis, his brother and sister-in-law Garth and Nichole Willis, his sister Geneva Willis, close friends Caden Stein and Myranda Catalano, along with many aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews.

Grant was extremely fun and creative being universally loved, often described as a gentle giant among friends. He was a consummate musician playing with multiple bands, Elsewhere, Trash Pig, 5 Tongues, and his group Professor Cat ( ). He followed in his grandmother's footsteps developing a love of art ( ) and becoming known in the area for painting live at art shows and a number of murals for local businesses.

He loved attending sporting events, concerts and movies with his son, family, and friends. Cheering on the Tigers, Pistons, and the hopeless Lions. Cheering for an encore from Avett Brothers, Decemberists, and Typhoon. Or shouting in triumph for a Star Wars or Marvel hero.

Grant found a passion for being a Jehovah's Witness, attending pioneer school to better himself for teaching others about his hope for the future. Finding comfort in Revelation 21:3,4

His service will be held at a later date due to the Covid virus precautions.

Grant’s Hope

He came back to us, after some time away; We all applauded joyously on that day. And now, here we are bidding a fond adieu, To our dear brother, Grant, whose death we rue. But, how happy we are that he returned, Remembering scriptural truths he’d learned. So, even though, for our friend, we now weep, We’re grateful he is one of Jesus’ sheep. Just think of how blessed we’ll all soon be, When from death our dear brother is set free. He’ll be healthy and happy in paradise; Both, he and Nevatte, will bless us all twice. What joyous reunions the kingdom will bring, As, throughout the earth, God’s praises we’ll sing. Our sorrow will vanish without a trace, As tears of joy cascade down our face. Of all the promises God’s given us, Of all the blessings so numerous, If each of us could all pick just one, I’m sure it would be the resurrection. So, let’s all on that promise meditate, And, with eyes of faith, let’s all illustrate A vision of paradise soon to come, Thanks to Jehovah God’s kingdom.     With Love, Jeff & Kellysue Harook


Wonderful Resurrection

Just think of what wonderful things we’ll see, When, from death’s clutches, folks are set free; So many lost loved ones, for whom we pray, We’ll hold onto tightly, on that blessed day. What songs we’ll sing, and what stories we’ll share – Free from pain and sorrow and anxious care. What joyous reunions will fill our days, As, upon redeemed ones, we lovingly gaze. If, onto this hope we zealously cling, Into this world’s darkness, light it will bring; And, with folks who suffer in depressive chains, We’ll share our hope in heartfelt refrains. Think of the joy we’ll find to help open eyes, Helping folks to break free from Satan’s lies; Introducing them to our God of love, Sharing Jehovah’s true light from above. And every time that we share our hope With folks who in this world’s darkness grope, We’ll find that into our lives joy will shine, As our confidence in our God we refine. So, meditate on the resurrection – It’s given to us through Jehovah’s son. He’s God’s greatest witness, faithful and true, Who lovingly laid down his life for you. Jeff & Kellysue Harook

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#6 Andy and Sandy Moore 2020-07-04 15:22
So glad we caught back up with Grant via Instagram. His perspective always made us smile and such an artistic soul. His last post broke our heart, but we so look forward to seeing him young and healthy, painting and playing again. Until then, one less fellow Dr. Who fan. We love you Willis family and will never forget the welcome to Chelsea you gave us 30 years ago. I still see Grant sitting on the deck with all of you, a grinning teenager. He never lost that grin.
#5 Kyle Braun 2020-07-02 14:49
Grant was my best friend growing up. I was able to have him in my life from 4 - 40. I will miss the first real friend I ever had. We had been through a lot together and shared so much. I will miss you my Brother but I will see you soon. Rev 21:4
#4 Louie Bradley 2020-06-30 21:54
I was so lucky to have Grant to my cousin
I'm going miss him.
#3 Greg Willis 2020-06-30 18:51
When you lose your parents
You lose your past.
When you lose your Mate
You lose your present.
When you lose your children
You lose your future.
You will be missed Grant..
#2 Kacey Reynolds 2020-06-29 16:56
Grant is truly missed, a one-of-a-kind unique spirit with so many talents and creative insights. Thinking of the Willis family.
#1 Kevin Johnston 2020-06-29 16:14
Can’t wait to see you in the Kingdom as we all grow to perfection. Revelation 21:3-4

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