Randall B Long (born November 8th, 1939, aged 78) passed away at home after a battle with gastric cancer on November 1st, 2018. He is survived by his son David, his wife Sue, his daughter-in-law Georgette, his two granddaughters Kayla and Kourtney and surviving siblings Jim, Jenny, Ovie, Cecil & Lee. 

Randall started off his life in Ranger, GA working on a farm with his siblings and parents before packing up his life and moving to Detroit to work for General Motors. Despite only having an eighth grade education, Randy was cunning and smart, developing a love for classic cars and their restoration, having several vehicles having built from the ground up. He also developed a great love for his wife, Sue. They have been best friends and partners for over sixty years, cultivating a happy life filled with love that started when they were barely of age to get married. Even through hardship, Randy was always a rock and a staple in the chaos.

To his grandchildren (and probably everyone else as well), he was a goofball. From silly antics to funny stories, Randy (or Papaw as they have come to know him) was the type to tell random stories or jokes. He would always tell you not to work too hard when going to work for the day, and always making sure he collected on his hugs if you owed him (which, to him - you always owed him one, or two. Or fifty). 

Randy will be greatly missed as he was such a wonderful and vibrant part of the family.

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