Loraine Rose Simon, beloved wife and mother, died peacefully at home on Saturday, March 31, 2012.  She was 85 years old.

Born Loraine Rose Hadd on June 13, 1926 to Cecil and Flora (Boussier) Hadd of Linwood, Michigan, she is survived by her husband of 57 years, Paul; sisters Dorothy and Mary, brother Joseph, her children Edward (Rivard), Douglas, Linda (Stegmeyer), Karen (Wellnitz), Beverly (Gibson), Andrew and Joseph, 18 grandchildren, 8 great-grand children, and many nieces and nephews.

As wife and mother, Loraine created a family of which she was the heart.  Her small kitchen was the laboratory in which she perfected the dishes that have since become the favorites of her husband, children, and grandchildren.  Although she didn’t play an instrument, she encouraged her children to play.  Although she didn’t have a degree, she supported her children in pursuing education as far as they chose to take it.  Although she was a small town girl, she and her husband traveled the country and the world.  She wanted all her children to experience success on their own terms, but most of all, she wanted them to be happy with their lives.  In the 85 years she graced this earth, Loraine wove the strong and colorful ties that kept her husband by her side and pulled her children home from every corner of the globe.  Her gift to all who entered her home was the love in her heart—a heart now quietly at rest--and the memories that provide so much comfort today.  

A Funeral Mass was held on Tuesday, April 3, at 11:00 a.m. at St. Mary Catholic Church, Chelsea, with Rev. Dr. William J. Turner officiating.  Burial followed at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Chelsea.  Memorial contributions may be made to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, or Pime Missionary Medical Relief.  Arrangements by Cole Funeral Chapel, Chelsea.